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Finally a smile that will match your beautiful personality

Auckland's personal dental technician with a difference

Finally a smile that will match your beautiful personality
Ellen from Denture Esthetique
Denture Esthetique is a denture clinic in Auckland specialising in state of the art personalised prosthesis to help patients regain their best smile. 

Dental technician Ellen has been the owner and operator of Denture Esthetique since 1987 and is beholden of a wealth of experience in the creation and implementation of crafted dentures to fit the personal suitability of her individual patients. 
Ellen caters high quality dentures and dental prosthesis to all budgets and provides a service that will benefit you for a lifetime. Upon leaving Denture Esthetique, Auckland's esteemed dental technician, you won't be able to stop smiling with your beautiful new teeth and hesitation will be a thing of the past.


Whether you require general, emergency repairs or brand new dentures, Ellen's expertise as Denture Esthetique's pioneering dental technician and practitioner will ensure that you leave with a brighter smile than ever before.

Denture Esthetique provides a range of services that will perform to your satisfaction:
  • Full dentures
  • Acrylic partial dentures
  • Metal partial dentures
  • Repair
  • Relines

Smiles guaranteed

Premier dental technician and prosthetic specialist Ellen has operated Denture Esthetique with her own personal touch since 1987 and keeps a smile on her own face by giving beautiful, confident smiles to the faces of all her patients. Denture Esthetique guarantees improved body confidence and day-to-day functionality through the implementation of dental prosthesis. So if you are ready to brace a fresh outlook on life, one where your smile can reflect the beauty inside of you then call for a free consultation or pay Denture Esthetique in Auckland a visit.
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